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Hazardous Cargo


We are specialists in shipping hazardous cargo in ways that are fully compliant to IMDG, ADR, and IATA regulations. Many of our clients need to ship dangerous goods all over the world.

Our key employees are trained on the transport of hazardous cargo by road, sea and air and keep fully informed of new regulations and shipping routes.

By maintaining a close link with our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) who is always available to provide guidance, and with Safety & Security as our number one priority, DLH Worldwide Limited have established an excellent reputation as ‘Problem Solvers’ in the world of hazardous cargo. We are often contacted by other freight forwarders for our expert advice.

A thorough experience of product compatibility and the limitations of the various ferry routes to Europe and Ireland mean that we can provide accurate delivery schedules, and cost effective prices.

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